Benefits of Mobile Banking and Internet Marketing in Santa Barbara

Gone are the days of rushing home or to the office to get on the Internet. Even lugging around a laptop computer seems to be a thing of the past, thanks to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With the touch of a button and a flick of the wrist, you’re online to do practically anything from the palm of your hand.

mobile apps give consumers more control of their bank accounts

It comes as no surprise that the popularity of these handheld wonders has spawned many opportunities for internet marketing in Santa Barbara and other parts of the West coast. A bank in Providence, RI, for example, has taken advantage of the capabilities of mobile apps to enhance the customer experience, as reported by Susan Hogan for Eyewitness News:

“Scott Kilmer said he received an advertisement from his bank that made him aware of a new mobile app that would lock his debit card with just a quick tap and a swipe. The app allowed users to activate and disable their debit and credit cards quickly and conveniently.”

Customer Lock Out
Banks’ mobile apps typically provide consumers access to their accounts and allow the account owners to transfer funds and make payments. However, the mobile app from the bank in Providence goes a step further by allowing account owners to block their debit and/or credit cards from being used. This should give card owners more peace of mind that their accounts are safe from fraudsters.

The American Bankers Association, however, was quick to warn the public that although the app has taken the necessary steps to secure the customer’s account, any system could be compromised if the accountholders themselves are not aware of the system’s limitations. Hogan states:

“Consumers should keep in mind, though, that they need to be digitally connected to their accounts in order to change any card settings. If a consumer’s phone or tablet’s battery dies while their card is set to inactive, they’ll need to find a power source before they can make any purchases. Also, consumers who lose their phones may be at risk of their account information falling into the wrong hands.”

Mobile Apps and Your Business
Digital marketing in Santa Barbara and the rest of the country has taken off, thanks to the mobile app phenomenon. If you’re wondering whether a mobile app will do wonders for your business, don’t hesitate to consult mobile app developers like Digital Links which offer a wide range of services, from SEO to web design. This could mark the start of your company’s upward mobility.

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