Loyalty and Incentive Programs

One of the most effective ways to retain customers and encourage repeat business is to have an effective, easy-to-follow, and lasting loyalty and incentive program in place. By rewarding customers for their patronage, they are encouraged to do more business with the company. The rewards can also be a way to market upcoming products to consumers.

Apart from customer retention, it can also help gain new customers as it can be utilized as an appealing selling point to prospects who are being introduced to the business. At Digital Links, we help you establish your own loyalty rewards program, effectively increasing customer motivation, strengthening their loyalty, and significantly enhancing your brand’s overall image.

We have implemented a number of custom solutions for a variety of businesses. Our loyalty rewards software has proven its contribution by increasing our clients’ bottom line. We have helped their profits to increase to as much as 8% upon implementation of the program.

Our loyalty rewards programs also successfully raise email acquisition by as much as 45%, while referrals increased to 15%, with the program itself becoming the selling point for some prospects referred by other consumers. Customer loyalty is also further enhanced, as retention is raised by up to 5%.

Customers can redeem the points for the rewards which you choose to establish. You can elect to provide them discounts on your services, or give some of your products for free with each corresponding number of points earned. It’s really up to what you believe your customers would like best, what works with your resources, and what would best encourage your loyalty club members to do more business with you.

To further discuss how our loyalty rewards program can benefit your business and which custom program would best suit your needs, you can reach us by filling out the Contact Us form on the right side of the page.