Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about boosting a website’s accessibility on search engines. While it sounds simple enough on paper, optimization is a complex process. Our Santa Barbara Internet marketing company knows how best to optimize your website, so you can trust our skills and our judgment.

Understanding SEO


Users typically surf the Internet with the help of search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. One only has to type keywords into these search engines to produce a list of links to websites related to the words submitted. These search engines do not just magically produce such a list; the results are determined by how relevant each website is based on the keywords entered. Search engines are powered by algorithms that help them sort websites by combing through countless sites for specific keywords or topics.

To rank prominently on search results pages, websites need to have search engine optimization (SEO) plans in place. Essentially, SEO entails implementing various strategies designed to boost a website’s relevance so that it reaches the top ranks of search engine results.


Implementing SEO


There are several ways to implement an SEO strategy. These techniques include:

  • On-Site Optimization – This is perhaps the most basic method of SEO. It involves enhancing the content of a website so that they rank high enough in search engine results.
  • SEO Copy Writing – This involves creating both on and off-site content that is usually updated as often as possible. With quality content in place, search engines can bump up the relevance of a website while helpfully informing and educating customers who read them.
  • Social Engagement – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other popular social networking services are ideal avenues to further promote a website. Establishing a credible presence on these networks is a viable SEO tactic.
  • Link Building – By creating backlinks to authoritative sources, a website becomes more relevant in the eyes of a search engine. Judicious link building will not only boost online ranking, but it will also reassure customers that the business owning the website can be trusted.
  • Local SEO – Businesses hoping to capture the attention of their local market can benefit from local optimization. By working with location-specific keywords, a website can rank prominently for searches involving the named location.
  • Algorithm Updates – Occasionally, search engines such as Google update their algorithms. While such changes are supposed to help the engines produce smarter and more relevant search results, they can undermine any previous optimization attempts. It will be necessary to overhaul any SEO approaches should an update come to pass in order to comply with the changes.

Digital Links is proud to offer all these SEO services so that your prospects can easily find their way to you and your website. Consult with our Santa Barbara Internet marketing firm today, and see how we can make your online presence all the more prominent and accessible.