Web Design & Development

Digital Links specializes in Web design and development, working closely with clients in order to produce quality websites for them. We have the tools and skills to handle the entire Web development process, from creating content to launching and maintaining the actual website. We know that your website plays a key role in your marketing efforts online, so we make sure that your webpages are properly designed and populated with relevant and informative content.


Adding Web Design Features


There are various ways to design a website, but it is important to strike a balance between visual appeal and important content. You can trust Digital Links to create a website fit for your business and appropriate for your target market.

We can provide the following Web design elements to enhance a website:

Interactive Components – Interactive components include buttons, hyperlinks, Web forms, and other Web elements that can be manipulated by users. Not only can interactive components look visually striking, they can also improve the way users navigate through a website.

Slide Shows – While simple in concept, slide shows are still a viable method of displaying helpful information or photos. We can create interactive slide shows for your visitors to easily read through.

Web Video – Videos are extremely popular forms of media on the Internet. Allow us to create appropriate videos to go on your website that “speak” to the right audience.

Blogs – With the aid of content management systems such as WordPress, we can create a casual and friendly space wherein you can share information and content with your clients. Running a blog also allows you to directly receive feedback from your visitors.

Database applications – If you want to restrict access to members only, we can implement passwords for your site. Additionally, we can maintain the database information saved within your website to alter the site according to your members’ specific preferences.

E-commerce solutions – Are you running an online retailing website? Enhance your site further and consider implementing an online shopping system, complete with a convenient “shopping cart” feature, with our help.

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